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Winter prepping your rental in Turkey

One of the most important aspects of having a strong summer of rentals starts now. Yep, you heard it right. Getting your rental unit in Turkey – whether it be on the coast or in the city – in top order for the season ahead means taking action right now.

Here  at TAM we have drawn up some useful tips to get your rental unit – be it a villa or an apartment – winter ready. But if it proves to overwhelming TAM is always on hand to help manage it.


One of the biggest blights on a property that has been shut up for the winter without any air circulation is the presence of damp. It can climb the walls, get under the paintwork and, in some extremes, begin to form mould.

So getting it damp-free for the winter ahead is a key consideration. If you leaving your property completely closed, then try to find a window that allows some air in for circulation.

Equally, fit some air vents into the outside walls and leave them open, allowing air to circulate freely.

Another excellent way to fight damp is placing bowls of salt around your property. The salt will absorb any damp in the atmosphere and solidify rather than the damp wrecking your wardrobes.

Tackle outstanding jobs

Leaving DIY jobs until the following spring is a lazy way out. However, tackling them now means you can hit the ground running and get your rental unit fit and ready for lodgers as soon as the season beckons. So, brush up and get the walls re-painted, the doors seen to, leaky taps dealt with and any electrical work done.

seagullsnowistanbulOpen wide

A simple and effective way to tackle damp is to open all your drawers and wardrobes to minimise the likelihood of damp. Also pulling furniture away from the walls will also combat the chances of getting damp.


Make a note that there are no blockages around the property, whether it be drains, sewers or overflows. Coming back after the winter to find your property flooded when it could have been easily prevented is a common complaint. So make sure, for example, that summer furniture on balconies are not covering drain holes.

Check for rust

If your property is near the sea, then you will know that ironwork often rusts quickly in the salty air. So check out the outside railings are rust-free for the winter season ahead. If there is rust, then ensure that it is tackled and painted before the rains come.


If you have a villa, then your most likely to have a pool in the garden. Cleaning the pool out is a priority to ensure it doesn’t become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. So clear the pool, check the pump room is secure and ensure that it is left in tip top order.

Forgotten extras

Some of these can include reading your water and electric meters, and payments are up to date. Any outstanding debts or bills should all be paid for before closing down the rental unit, and ensure that your insurance – house and contents – are paid and up to date.

Renting out your property could well give you a major cash boost as long as you have all the necessary plans in place and the rental unit is good to go after taking the necessary winter prepping tips given above.

To find out what TAM can offer you, give them a call on +90 212 252 32 64 or email:



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