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5 Things You Can Do in Istanbul This Summer


Since the hot, sweet days of summer have arrived, Istanbul is boiling up with events and activities. From walk-in cinema to Jazz concerts, to galleries and clubs, there is so much you can do, it’s endless! So here’s the top 5 on our list to enjoy all aspects of Istanbul during your trip.

1. Attend the Istanbul International Jazz Festival

Every July, this festival offers a wide selection of jazz music performances by famous artists gathered from all over the world.

Jools Holland: Courtesy of Stuart Richards

Jools Holland: Courtesy of Stuart Richards

In its previous years, the festival hosted some amazing Jazz artists like Eric Clapton, Miles Davis, Goran Bregovic, Marcus Miller, Sting among many more incredible ones.

With its wonderful atmosphere and palpable performances, the festival never fails to fulfill the expectations, if not exceed them.

This year, you can witness some great artists of the Jazz scene like Jools Holland, Joan Baez, Michael Kiwanuka, Marcus Miller, Hiatus Kaiyote, Theo Croker. The festival is held between June 27 – July 15.

You can find more information about the festival here.

2. Visit Galleries Around the Area

It’s hard to miss the street arts done by brilliant Turkish and foreigner Graffiti artists walking around Galata and Karaköy. With its newly established galleries and thirst for new expressions, Beyoğlu is rapidly becoming the center of art in Istanbul.

Angelina Jolie: Courtesy of Francesco Carrozzini

Angelina Jolie: Courtesy of Francesco Carrozzini

You can find many galleries around the area exhibiting both international and local artist, all year around, like Istanbul Modern, Arter, Akbank Sanat, Salt and many others.

Istanbul’74 is one of them. Starting this month, the gallery is exhibiting “Portraits” by Francesco Carrozzini, who was featured in numerous magazines including Vogue, Vanity Fair and has worked with many popular names like Robert De Niro, Kanye West, Naomi Campbell, Beyoncé.
This exhibition is a collection of his most renowned portraits from the first decade of his career.
Packed with dynamic colors and known faces, it’s guaranteed be a very enjoyable experience for everyone.
The exhibition ends in July 9.
You can find more information about the artist here.

3. Have Fun in Life in Color The Big Bang


Life in Color: Courtesy of

If you are looking for a complete festival experience with music and nature, Life in Color is perfect for you. This one also has a little paint factor in it. As you paint each other with colorful (and water soluble) balloons, and listen to various DJs and live performances, you will also have a chance to relax in nature and take in the fresh forest air with your friends. The date is August 1.
If you are in, get your tickets quick, as they may be sold out pretty fast.
For more information about the line-up and tickets, click here.

4. Catch a Good Movie at Boğaziçi University Film Screenings

Boğaziçi University

Some of us are not cut out for too much activity or socializing, I hear you. Fear not, for you can always catch a movie at the Boğaziçi University for free. The screenings are open to anyone and the films will be shown in their original language with Turkish subtitles. A different film will be shown every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 21.00, till August 7.

You can access the program and the venue for detailed information.
For other inquiries you can send an e-mail to

P.S. If the weather isn’t looking too great, make sure the screening you are attending to is not cancelled by sending them an e-mail.

5. Walk around and enjoy your stay. 


Have your waffle on-the-go in Karaköy

This is the most important part, so listen closely. The whole point of traveling is to see different cultures, experience different tastes, smells, see different architectures and enjoy it the way you want to. If your way doesn’t include going out every night, attending every concert or seeing every museum, or if you want to just stay in for a day, that’s perfectly fine.  There’s no wrong way to be a tourist. The most important thing is to enjoy it.

To get the best out of your trip and not lose time in traffic or transportation, you might want to prefer staying at a central place.

If you would like to come to a relaxing home at the end of a long day, look no further.

As EV Apartments we manage a range of luxury serviced apartments in exclusive locations in Cihangir, Galata, and Çukurcuma in Istanbul. All our apartments are close to the historical areas as well as the most famous venues and restaurants. We also provide private transport, as an additional service, to and from Atatürk, Sabiha Gökçen airports.


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