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Stay in a furnished apartment in Cihangir to visit Istanbul like a local

Picture of Apartment with Garden

In 2014, Tripadvisor named Istanbul as the No.1 destination to visit. You may wonder what makes this city so attractive among all the cities in the world. Besides its unique characteristic of connecting Europe and Asia, Istanbul is surrounded with breathtaking ancient architecture that coexists with modern restaurants and nightlife. When visiting this beautiful city, one mistake that some travellers do is only spend time in the Old Town (Sultanahmet). However this highly energetic city has something to offer everyone and different neighbourhoods to be explored. Among these neighbourhoods, Cihangir on the European side, is one of the most popular between the locals, and is becoming more known to visitors due to its expat community and central location. A residential neighbourhood for many years and still today, Cihangir is only a few minutes walk to famous Istiklal Avenue where an endless variety of restaurants, bars and clubs, art galleries, shops and theatres exist. Istiklal Avenue is visited by thousands everyday, showing its importance in the locals’ daily life. But don’t worry, staying in Cihangir doesn’t mean you are far from sightseeing. The Tophane tram stop which will connect you to the Old Town is within walking distance, and will get you in front of Hagia Sophia in just 20 minutes. A visit to Istanbul wouldn’t be complete without spending time on the Bosphorus; the Kabataş dock is just a few minutes away where multiple boats and ferries travel on the blue waters each day. With hotels popping up on every corner in this city, it can be difficult to make the right choice for your visit, but luckily there are options besides hotels. Nowadays, many visitors choose to stay in apartment style hotels for a cozy accommodation. To experience the city like a local, you should consider staying in a furnished rental in the heart of the city, and take advantage of more space and privacy.

EV Apartments offers furnished apartments in exclusive locations in Istanbul and Antalya. The properties range in size and style, from spacious studios to comfortable living spaces for families with kids. The spaces are stylish, with the latest contemporary designs fused with traditional elements. All apartments come with fully-equipped kitchens, giving you the option to cook meals in your own space.

Furnished Apartment with Seaview in Cihangir

One of the flats EV Apartments offer, Cihangir apartment stands out with its stunning view of the Bosphorus; you can see Istanbul skyline in a magnificent panoramic view from the bridge all the way to the Prince Islands. In the mornings, watch the sun rise behind the spectacular Galata Tower, seen from the balcony of your master bedroom. The spacious apartment has one master bedroom, a room with a double bed and a lounge room with a convertible sofa bed; making it an ideal spot for families with kids or a group of friends traveling together.

Cihangir’s central location is perfect for a day filled with delicious food, antique shopping and gallery hopping in the neighbourhood. A day in this residential area means eating well, and there’s nothing better than starting your day off with a steaming cup of Turkish tea. Firuzağa Kahvesi is a popular cafe where locals gather for a quick tea and chatter. If you’re looking to experience a rich homemade Turkish breakfast, make your way to Datlı Maya, a charming restaurant that mainly uses ecological produce from fair trade and sustainable sources. Their lahmacuns (Turkish style pizza) baked in the 80 year-old wood fired oven are delicious. Art lovers can check out exciting exhibitions at Pilot Gallery or The Empire Project on Sıraselviler Caddesi, where local and international artists show groundbreaking work. A few steps away, through windy and quirky streets you will arrive to Çukurcuma, a small neighbourhood filled with antique shops, also home to the Museum of Innocence.

Garden EDEN is another apartment in this neighborhood, situated in a historical building with high ceilings; typical of Cihangir neighborhood. The 1-bedroom flat can accommodate 4 people and has an outstanding 20sqm garden. The apartment stands out with its modern design completed with a mixture of modern and high quality antique furniture.
In both apartments you will find everything needed for a comfortable stay; 24-hour hot water, central heating, dishwasher, washing machine, hair dryer, satellite TV, wi-fi, coffee machine, kettle and fridge.

A visit to Istanbul means a lot of walking and a lot of exploring. At the end of your day come back to a comfortable house rather than a stiff hotel room, it will make your stay much more enjoyable. Needless to say, you will not have to sacrifice from high quality service while staying at EV Apartments; here everything is thought out to make your stay as perfect as possible.

Author: Seza Bali


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