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Short-term renting in Turkey? Get a manager!

Rental laws in Turkey have been significantly changed for 2017, and already it’s clear that having a good manager to look after your property is a must.

In short: those that rent their properties on a daily or weekly basis must register them with the local police of Gendarme. Failure is a 10,000TL fine!

At EV Apartments we have all the experience necessary to guide you through the maze of rental laws. Here’s a quick recap of how they could affect you:

New law

Turkey has suffered terrorist and criminal attacks over the last two years.

Due to the heightened state of global terror threats, the government has prioritised ID verification of all visitors here on a short-term basis.

For example, those homeowners actively allowing their properties to be rented on a short-let basis as safe havens for terrorists or being used by prostitution and human trafficking gangs.

What you have to do:

Property being rented out needs to be registered under the GIYKIMBIL system.

The owner must apply to the local police or Gendarme headquarters, enabling them access to their software. They will be given a password, and the person who signs for the password is the person who will be responsible for submitting names of renters.

This role can be undertaken by a property manager, just like EV Apartments.

Property Insurance
Keep your property safe with EV Apartments

So when anyone rents the property for either one day or 14 nights, their details have to be entered onto the system. It needs to be entered every day – and even if vacant, the details need to show ‘zero rentals’. Failure is a 5,000TL fine per day.

Owners have to submit names, dates, passport information for each person staying in their property on the system.

They have to send the information between 00.00 and 01.30am.

If the system does go down, then the paperwork has to be handed into the local police station.

It is apparent that those renting properties regularly will have to register as a business and be subject to local taxes.

It appears that those property owners letting family and friends to ‘stay at their property’ do need to be registered if the persons on the property TAPU – the title deeds – are not present to vouch for them.

EV Apartments – Your rental manager

As a skilled property manager for properties in Antalya and Istanbul, we have done our homework to establish what the system means for the individual property owner.

The system cannot be operated from outside Turkey as the administration system is based in Turkey. So if it crashes, paperwork needs to be hand delivered by the company to the police.

If you are not intending to be staying at the property – but renters are – and you live outside of Turkey, then the likes of EV APARTMENTS should be a key consideration. If, to avoid potential heavy fines.

If you want more information, then you can contact us


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